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Who are we?

The staff and personnel of Aussan has for many years been involved with the marketing of organic sanitisers. The company and its associates started importing into Australia organic sanitisers in 1997. Up until 2005 a number of different manufacturers had supplied product, but it became obvious that while the Australian and world market wanted to embrace organic antimicrobial products the cost was limiting market acceptance.



In an attempt to reduce the cost of the product to the end customer the company embarked on its own product development programme in 2005. The company engaged one of Australia’s leading chemists and experts in biocides to undertake the development of a new 100% organic sanitiser/biocide. 

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Aussan is the result of 9 years of research and development work which included the exhaustive testing of a range of organic acids and bioflavanoid combinations and the careful selection of the final ingredients to obtain the right balance between antimicrobial activity and the product cost. The company has built an initial production plant that has the capacity of 2,000 litres per day. As volumes increase the plant can be quickly expanded. In addition to a need for cost reduction a series of controversies concerning some organic products such as Grape Fruit Extract also influenced the company to develop its own product where it could control all ingredient inputs. The company and its associates in addition to marketing organic sanitisers in Australia, Asia and North America between 1997 and 2005 developed and received patent approval for an organic anti fungal spray/nutrient synergist , plant invigorator or agriculture crops. The product Croplife is based on Aussan with additional anti fungal/mould ingredients. The company is based in Melbourne Australia and has distributors in several countries.

Biodegradeable, made from renewable resources

Scientifically tested for proof of sanitising efficacy


Independently certified by NASAA for organic input


Produced and refined through of years of research